3 Benefits Of Solar Powering Your Home

7 May by WINK

3 Benefits Of Solar Powering Your Home

Power (Electricity), a major economical issue that the Nigerian Government has not been able to resolve since age of civilization.

It is an Amenity that, if provided for the citizens, would eradicate the migration rate of not just Nigerians to other countries, but other African citizens.

The entire African nations look up to Nigeria, yet the government has misplaced her priority, which is the interest of the citizens, the people.

Rather the legislators and the executive arms of leadership only considers their interest and pockets, It is clear that the problem of Electricity in Nigeria is not an issue that the government of any nation cannot fix within four years in power.

The Nigeria people suffer in the hands of deceptive leaders who come up on screen and say “A” but return to acting “B”, because there is a vested interest with the mega plant business owners and the foreigners who import heavy duty plants.

well, we all know that the sight of solar roof top panels are becoming more and more home friendly, and more people are beginning to opt for the use of solar as an energy option for their homes.

But are there any real advantages to using solar to power your home? The short answer is yes, and here are 3 of them:

expect a solar power system to operate for more than 25 years.

Lower Utility Bills: Aside from the whole renewable energy aspect of solar power, this is perhaps the most tangible benefit of installing a solar power system.
While you might not be able to eliminate your electric bill completely, you can reduce it, and as the saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned”!

Simplicity and Reliability: One of the great advantages of having solar power is its simplicity and reliability. A solar system is very easy to maintain – essentially there’s not much you need to do after installation. And although the technology might be hi-tech, the simplicity of the design ensures reliability and long lifetimes – expect a solar power system to operate for more than 25 years.
Financial Freedom: You can opt out of the penance of having to worry about electricity bill (NEPA Bill) for almost a lifetime just after you spend the installation fee. Not NEPA embarrassment any more.
Note: the advent of Solar power will produce the enactment of a law, by the Nigerian law makers and will be propagated as to guide the practice of owning a Solar Panel; but for sure, with the governing system, there will be a vested interest.

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